Specialized dedication of our best specialists

The office Joan Castelló Abogados Penalistas was born with the aim of offering the client the best legal and personal service

In the specialisation of Criminal Law and related areas established in special criminal legislation and supplementary regulations.

We respond to social needs in the judicial defense of the rights and interests of persons, businesses and public or private institutions, so that they are duly represented and defended in front of courts and criminal courts of the whole State either as defense lawyers or as private or popular, through skilled and highly qualified professionals who are personally dedicated to the service given.

For us, the priority is obtaining the maximum efficiency in our service, and the maximum satisfaction from our clients, for which the office has an extensive professional life in the speciality of criminal law of almost 40 years, full of successes and of a renowned level of training of its professionals, who are always up to date with the latest legislative and jurisprudential updates in the penal order and in other related areas and working with the collaboration and advice of external professionals in the judicial field (such as experts), when it is essential for the proper resolution of the case.

” The way of carrying out and understanding our trade includes respecting at all times the principles of loyalty and sincerity with our clients as basic elements where mutual trust has to be established.

Àmbit judicial penal

From a more personal and human side, we know the importance of being in continuous contact with our clients and of keeping them punctually informed of all of the updates of the proceedings, making them a part of the decisions in the defense or accusation strategy, given the stress and anxiety that being submitted to a criminal proceeding usually causes, basing our professional relation on transparency and communication with our clients.

Ultimately, the professional motivation at the time of taking on the job assigned lies in personal vocation and responsibility, and with the ever-present sense of the rights of the people and individual interests that are at stake in the criminal justice field, aware that our intervention as lawyers is fundamental for their compliance.

It must also be added that we guarantee an absolute discretion and confidentiality as basic principles of professional relationship, maintaining the maximum loyalty to the trust that our clients put in us.

Joan Castelló i Barbara Galdós

The professionals and other people that form or collaborate with the Joan Castelló Abogados Penalistas consider, on the other hand, that the contracting of their services demands the complete dedication that each case requires and the customer service that is personally expected and should be received

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